Pass Away Monday Evenings With Jazz in Philly

Every Monday night, jazz fans and diners alike flood into World Live Café. From 5:30-7 it is jazz night, a time when guests of all skill levels are invited up on stage to play with the house band. Led by pianist Jeff Torchan, the goal of Monday night jazz is simple: giving musicians a weekly outlet to hone their skills. “It’s a good opportunity for musicians to come together to perform, learn, and develop both personally and musically.” stated Torchan. Supported by Jeff on piano, a bassist, and a drummer, anyone from the crowd is welcome on stage.

Jeff and his group of musicians have been participating in this event for exactly two years as of May. While they were not the original creators of the event, the trio has done a great job of continuing it every week. “Since I started doing this, it has been a weekly occurrence. It makes sense to have this be a weekly event so that musicians know that they have an outlet to perform each and every Monday” said Torchan. “I really enjoy having musicians come to the stage who do not have a lot of experience with the music because it is a teaching opportunity for me, but more importantly, a learning opportunity for the musician.”

Even though these gatherings revolve around the musicians and their guests, it’s a great experience for the audience as well. Each week is different from the last. I have attended this function almost every week for the last two months, and the performance is constantly changing. From beginners to experts, guitarists to saxophonists, every visit will be enjoyable and new. Come out and support your local musicians at the World Live Café every Monday from 5:30-7. The best part, IT’S FREE.

For more information, visit the event page here.

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