Album Review: The Flaming Lips – Peace Sword

Indie rock experts The Flaming Lips recently released an EP entitled Peace Sword which was composed and inspired by the novel turned movie Ender’s Game. In classic Lips fashion, the EP is layered with synths, effects-ridden guitars, and warm vocal melodies.

The title track off Peace Sword features electronic artist Tobacco, and its continuous synth line and the soft bass drops that explode like a popped water balloon hitting pavement make this chill song sound heavenly to the last synth hit. The Flaming Lips continue with a very laid back approach to the EP which makes considering its part of a soundtrack. However, some of the best moments come when their relaxation turns to rage like in “If They Move, Shoot ‘Em” where the instrumental ending slowly builds with echoing electronics that sound as if the band is preparing for Armageddon. “Wolf Children” is the most straightforward song of the bunch, the bass goes from droning to thumping alongside sludgy synthesizers and vocalist Wayne Coyne’s layered takes.

The Flaming Lips’ huge repertoire continues to build, and overall this EP is no exception to their grandiose style of mellow indie pop. Make sure to catch them live, and expect them to enhance just about every song you hear from them. Click here for photos and a review of their show a few months back at Festival Pier.

Stream Peace Sword on Spotify, and pick it up here.

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