Album Review: A Victim of Good Times- The Full Catastrophe

Philly- based band, A Victim of Good Times, will release their first full length record, The Full Catastrophe on April 4th. After spending two years together as a band, they’ve developed an infectious sound that blends the best of 90s rock with some heavier hitting alternative elements. Produced by the band and Mike Bardzik and recorded at Noisy Little Critter Studios in Downington, there aren’t any songs you’d want to skip on this album. The Full Catastrophe is truly the full package and a must- hear for fans of Modest Mouse, The Pixies, Incubus, and Third Eye Blind.

What is immediately apparent from the opening song, “Cool With Me,” is that this band is super tight and has a undeniable knack for songwriting. I was immediately pulled in by the energy of the first few guitar riffs.  A few beats later I was equally impressed by the strength of the lead vocalist, Matt Gaines. He has power and really knows how to emote.

Next up is “Evening Fires,” one of my favorite tunes on the album. For some reason, I find it really reminiscent of the Incubus hit, “Drive,” but that could be because of the tonal similarities between Matt’s voice and Brandon Boyd on the song. There’s some really beautiful interplay between the guitars, bass, and drums on this one. Layered to perfection.

One song that really stood out to me on The Full Catastrophe is “Rash.” This is probably one of the heavier hitting alternative rock tunes on the album. Matt shows his range with a chorus of screamed vocals on top of an ocean of punchy guitars.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have, “Maybe, Sure.”  A Victim of Good Times slows it down here, stripping down the instrumentation to a few acoustic guitars, vocals, and ambient sounds, giving the song an empty, expansive feel.

Overall, The Full Catastrophe is incredibly well done and definitely worth a purchase. From the solid musicianship of the band, the seamless songwriting, and impeccable arrangements, this record has major legs. You can listen for yourself on Souncloud here. If you’d like to support the band and purchase the album, they’ll have physical copies at their live shows. A Victim of Good Times is set to perform at Oddity Bar on April 18th in Wilmington so be sure to snag a copy then!

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