Album Review: They Know- “Together in This”

Pennsylvania- based band, They Know, has just released a full length Live CD entitled Together in This. Recorded at MudCut Studios in Milford, PA for a Live at MudCut Session, the record contains no overdubs and includes a 20- person audience, resulting in a sound that is organic, free- flowing, and uplifting.

They Know is made up of Daniel Ehart on guitar and vocals,  Lee Raden on keys, keyboard bass, and vocals,  and Cat Burbage on drums. Daniel and Lee have known each other for their whole lives and have been playing together for years until Lee needed a bone marrow transplant in 2010. The band took a break while Lee recovered from his life- saving surgery. All sales of physical copies of Together in This will actually be donated to Be The Match Foundation, an organization that matches donors to those in need of bone marrow and stem- cell transplants.

The record itself is a joy to listen to. They Know achieves a unique retro sound by including modern instrumentation along with more traditional rock and folk elements. The opening tune, “Like An Open Book,” is reminiscent of Neil Young although the vibe is smoother and less gritty. “Together in This,” the title track, takes on a funkier feel, complete with soulful organs and wistful guitars. On a lyrical level, “No Twitters” really spoke to me, as it examines finding our true identity in a world consumed by social media and online facades. Finally, the closing song, “Inspiral Staircase,” stood out to me thanks to some sweet, off- the- beaten track jazz progressions.

Overall, Together in This really surprised me. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, being a live album- it could go either really well or really wrong. In the case of They Know, it went really well! If you didn’t tell me it was a live album, I wouldn’t be able to tell apart from the hand claps. The music is so tight. Something magical does happen when you perform for an audience and capturing that moment on tape definitely added a special sauce to this release. You can purchase it for yourself here.

Also be sure to check out They Know live in concert on Friday, April 4th at Melodies Cafe in Ardmore. Tickets can be purchased at this link.

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