Fall Out Boy Return with Beautiful New Album

Fall Out Boy can do no wrong. Since their hiatus, their music has been progressively evolving to fit not just one stereotype but, to attract attention of all different music-genre lovers. Their latest album American Beauty/American Psycho released on January 20th through Island Records shows just how the band has matured into a rock band that everyone wants to get their hands on.

The album has all the excitement and fresh sounds that differentiates the band from other bands still rocking eyeliner, leaving them behind in the dust of teenage angst. “Irresistible” is brassy one second, sentimentally minimal the next, and heavy bass-dropping for the chorus. The sounds they come up with are so fresh and unique that every ounce of attention is devoted to every second of the song.

American Beauty/American Psycho” has an uptempo and fun chorus with a melodic progression that is audibly striking. The boys have grown into men with new fall out babies‘ arrivals in 2014, but this song proclaims their wildness that America fell in love with in the early 2000’s. “Centuries” was released in September as a single and it’s still going strong in radio ratings, beating out Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” for the number one spot this week on SiriusXM. With their friend Lolo singing the hook of “Tom’s Diner,” it borrows from the past and creates something that is a bold, powerful, anthem.

As a teaser for the album’s release, “Uma Thurman” was premiered a week before the debut. It has a great bass line for Pete Wentz, along with different contrasting sections featuring guitar, keyboard, and percussion that are all memorable. As always, Patrick Stump’s the vocals are intense. The title’s reference to Uma Thurman’s dance scene from Pulp Fiction is a fun nod to fans who grew up in the 90’s.

Among the tracks of headbanging vigor, “Jet Pack Blues” switches the mood slightly. It is a sensitive track about wanting someone you love to fly back to you. Patrick Stump’s inflection changes between the parts where he’s belting and when he’s singing more delicately reminds us that Fall Out Boy is more than just a band that pumps out raging rock music all the time. “Immortals” is the featured single on the soundtrack of Disney’s Big Hero 6. Ten years ago, the thought of Fall Out Boy doing anything for Disney would’ve sounded strange but this track really works. The ethnic flute background mimicked by the chorus is unique and mystifying.

In an industry where it is easy to fall into old habits and creating the same stuff, Fall Out Boy stands at the top as an evolving rock back that keeps producing not only new sounds, but good sounds. It’s a gutsy, psycho move to change, but it works for them beautifully. Fall Out Boy tours this summer with Wiz Khalifa and Hoodie Allen for the Boys of Zummer tour. They stop at Susquehanna Bank Center and tickets went on sale January 23rd. Get your tickets NOW before they sell out!

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