Rock On Philly Takes On Spring Fling! We interview Nardo Lilly, Science Club, RFA, and Ju-Taun before the big show!

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Spring has finally come back, Philly! For a while, it was looking like spring was going on its own fling, but behold, it has arrived, and Rock On Philly is celebrating!

On Thursday, April 2nd, Rock On Philly will be throwing a semi-formal Spring Fling shenanigan at Milkboy, and a talented handful of performers will be coming out to play.

You can pick up tickets here. Advance purchases are $8, and $10 for tickets purchased at the door.

But before we get into it, we wanted to warm up the last of the winter chill with some fun spring fling inspired questions for our featured guests! Included for our questionnaire are Nardo Lilly, Nate Adams of Science Club, Ju-Tuan, and RFA.

Who would you want to collaborate with to make a spring time hit?

Nardo Lilly: At our last band practice we were groovin’ to Usher’s “Good Kisser.” If you haven’t heard it yet, you ought to. Usher and Nardo Lilly could definitely make a sweet spring time collabo.

Nate Adams (of Science Club): Well, spring time hits tend to be song about new life or rebirth or positivity or what have you, and that’s never exactly been the Science Club way. We’re more of a “everything is terrible” kind of band. With that in mind, we’d need someone who could do the heavy lifting in the cheerfulness department. Let’s get Katy Perry on the track. She can tell us about how wonderful it is in the sun, and we can slouch around in our hoodies and eat ice cream.

Ju-Tuan: Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

RFA: Max Martin cause we’d love to make “Hit Me Baby One More Time” part 2.

In six words or less, tell us about your wildest, funniest, coolest (or all of the above) Spring Fling moment.

Nardo Lilly: My face was on a bus ad (see below).

Nate Adams: Golf cart riding in Myrtle Beach.

RFA: Alec. U Del. Face in dirty laundry.


For the love of spring, what’s the one album (or the one song if you can be that specific) that screams spring to you?

Nardo Lilly: “The 7th Element” by Vitas. I don’t speak Russian, but I’m sure the lyrics translate to something about springtime on an funky alien planet.

Nate Adams: The springiest album of them all is The Body the Blood the Machine by the Thermals. The springiest song of them all is “Skate or Die” by Teenage Bottlerocket.

Ju-Tuan: Vanilla Ice – “Ninja Rap.”

RFA: “Build Me Up Buttercup,” undoubtedly.

If the world were to end after your performance at Milkboy, and you had to save either all the Italian Ice or all the Ice Cream in the world, which would you choose?

Nardo Lilly: Ice cream for sure. Mint chocolate chip. Extra minty so that after the apocalypse we could still freshen our breath. We might not have toothpaste.

Nate Adams: Ice cream, 1,000,000 times out of 1,000,000. Italian Ice is fine, but it is, at its best, like liking a very refreshing ice cube. Ice cream is a whole other, powerful, destructive thing.

Ju-Tuan: Obviously the ice cream because in an apocalyptic situation, there’s no need to tease people. Give the people what they want.

RFA: It’s debatable. All 4 of us are equally conflicted.

Name a recording artist, group or band that you would want to spend Spring Fling with, and tell us what the big plans would be.

Nardo Lilly: The guys of Kings of Convenience. We’d probably cruise around in an 1960s Volkswagen beetle through some lush fields in Norway for a couple days. Maybe make crowns out of wild flowers and camp out by a glacial lake.

Nate Adams: Part of me would want to fling with some hard-partying 80s hair metal band, like Warrant or Ratt or whatever, but that’s not really true to form. I can beer-down every now and again, but I’m not much for loose women and hard drugs. I think a band like Dillinger Four might be more our speed. We could do some day-drinking, maybe play some cards, then all be in bed with light sunburns by 11pm.

Ju-Tuan: Robin Thicke; the plan would be to grab a drink, enjoy the fling, and watch him blow any remaining money he had left over from the lawsuit. Of course, the ladies would still flock to him and all would have a great time!

RFA: Journey cause we never stop believing. And we’d go on tour with them to Singapore and several other neighboring countries.

You’re stuck in a time machine and you’ve been given a magic wand. You land in your senior year of high school (whatever year that might be), and the wand allows you to magically make the ideal Spring Fling concert lineup. Who would you choose? And who would be the host?

Nardo Lilly: Opening act: Sufjan Stevens. Headliner: Sufjan Stevens. Finale: Sufjan Stevens. Host: Sufjan Stevens. Give me a magic wand to take me to any time. This line up ain’t ever gonna change.

Nate Adams: Coming at you live from Gainsville Florida, it’s Teen Science Club Spring Fling concert! With perfomances by: Less Than Jake! Reel Big Fish! Glassjaw! At the Drive In! Rise Against! Mariah Carey! Static X! Hosted by professional wrestler Mick Foley! Its the worst concert of 2003!

Ju-Tuan: Shai, 2Pac, and Sugar Ray and hosted by early 90s Pamela Anderson.

RFA: Well, We’d all be transported back to last year. Ideal host: Steve Harvey. Ideal acts: Whitesnake, Milli Vanilli, and 4 Non Blondes.


  1. Lauren S

    March 31, 2015 at 10:34 pm

    These artists all seem down to earth and a fun time, can’t wait to see them!

  2. Wakana Narisako

    April 1, 2015 at 10:25 am

    So funny

  3. Donna M. Brown

    April 3, 2015 at 9:53 am

    Great interview – Annie Nardolilli of Nardo Lilly. You are awesome!

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