Spring Fling Recap: Featuring Nardo Lilly, Science Club, Ju-Tuan, and RFA at Milkboy!

The beautiful spring weather is finally here and it did not keep our awesome crowd from coming inside to MilkBoy for Rock On Philly’s Spring FlingJuTaun, RFA, Science Club, and Nardo Lilly  put on the show of shows, with each set as eclectic, fun, and perfect as the last (see our pre-show interview with them here!).


Up first, Battle of the Bands winner Nardo Lilly wowed the crowd with her merry sound and heartfelt yet downright funny lyrics.  Unlike her unrequited love of a camp counselor and Benedict Cumberbatch, the Spring Fling audience loved her back and not just because she’s now over eighteen (buh-dum-tss). She will now be utilizing her Battle of the Bands winnings with a half-day of recording at Forge Recording Studios as well as customized guitar picks from InTune Guitar Picks, Inc..


Next up, JuTaun, who opted out of the Battle of the Bands competition, brought the entire room to its knees.  The band’s live performance not only shows the maturity of a nationally-recognized act, but also one that can continue to grow and expand creatively.


After that, second runners-up for the Battle of the Bands title, Science Club, brought back the fun spirit with sardonic battle cries, and all-around poking fun.  Their nerd-punk sound and hilarious lyrics reminded the Spring Fling crowd jokes can still make great music as they put on the most serious of performances.


Last, and most certainly not least, RFA brought it all home.  This fledgling quartet proved that age is only number.  Heartfelt and mature, they proved they not only deserve every amount of praise they receive, but also have the gall and drive lacking even among the most established acts…and they’re younger than you.  Keep an ear out and root for them to perform at the Radio 104.5 Birthday Show here.

Click through our gallery below and re-live the Spring Fling night!

All Photography by Jessa Bintliff, except where noted

Battle of the Bands winner photo by Samantha Sweeney

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