8- Hour Tracking Workshop at Forge Recording


Photo courtesy of Forge Recording

Learn the secrets of a world-class recording. Under the direction of lead engineer Ron DiSilvestro, Forge Recording’s Tracking Workshop on July 25th is a must-attend event for the serious home studio audio engineer. This 8-hour intensive program will show you how to integrate our world-class analog gear and Walters-Storyk designed room with your own digital home studio environment for amazing results. The featured band is  Brian LaPann  and lunch will be provided. The workshop begins at 12noon and space is limited. Don’t miss out!

Topics covered will include: 

-Microphone selection for each instrument

-Microphone placement and techniques

-Signal path routing to and from analog console into DAW

-Gain structure

-Tone processing and capture

-Session workflow



-Vocal tracking and signal chain

-Song arrangement and production

You can register here. The full day intensive only costs $100. 

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