Uncle Acid Talks New Album, Dark Concepts, and Gear Ahead of US Tour

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Rock on Philly: I imagine you were asked this a lot leading up to the release of Mind Control since Blood Lust was so well-received, but since Mind Control has received even further critical acclaim, I have to ask: was there a lot of pressure going into writing The Night Creeper?

Uncle Acid: To be honest, I don’t think about critics or fan expectation or anything like that when I’m writing. I’m in a lucky position that I get to write exactly the type of music that I want to write. As long as I’m 100% happy with what I’m doing then that’s all that matters. It might sound selfish to some, but it’s the way I’ve always worked. You can never please everybody, so there’s no point trying to second guess yourself or write what you think people will like. Everybody wants different things from an Uncle Acid record, so there will always be an element of disappointment for some people.

ROP: A lot of your lyrics deal with violence, death, and other horrific topics. What draws you to continue to incorporate those themes into your music in some way?

UA: It’s the idea of contrast. Having ultra-violent lyrics sung in two part harmony with sugary sweet melodies just appeals to me.

ROP: I’ve seen The Night Creeper referred to as ‘your darkest journey yet.’ Can you put your finger on any reason this record turned out even darker than previous releases?

UA: It wasn’t really planned that way, but it just seemed to happen. It’s just a natural progression I suppose.

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