Philly’s Post War Dream shows promise in “We’ll Be Just Fine” EP

Featured Image via Artist Facebook by Nicole Kutufaris

If you’re a fan of the Lumineers. Mumford & Sons, and Thrice, you should definitely check out local Philly band, Post War Dream. They are gearing up to release their first EP, We’ll Be Just Fine, on November 17th at Milkboy Philly in Center City and we got to give it a listen ahead of the show.

It opens up with the soft and vibey, “Heart in Your Hands.” The song builds well, opening up with acoustic guitar with the gradual addition of electric guitars, drums, and a dash of vocal harmony.

The second song is”You Loved,” and it begins with nothing but drums with the eventual introduction of electric guitar. The vocals are more pronounced in this song, and harmonies are used more frequently, however, it never gets too busy. Once again, the song builds well, with a powerful, throaty bridge that simply explodes over the rest of the track.

Next comes, “Boots in the Mud.” It has a driving effect and cuts through to the listener and definitely has single potential. My only complaint with this tune is the mixing of the vocals. Towards the middle, at around 2:20, the lead vocal gets a little lost in the rest of the track. It’s very slight but it gets confusing for the listener to hear the lead vocal fall into the rest of the instruments. Then at 3:30 the vocal is back in the front and really saturated with reverb. Perhaps it was done for an added creative touch but for me, the lead vocal should stay pretty consistent level wise throughout a song. 

The driving energy of “Boots in the Mud” gets brought down on the next two tracks, “Those Eyes” and “I Remember.” The focal point of both of these songs is the lead vocal with a simple guitar accompaniment. Both could work well to set the mood in a film or TV show.

The EP closes out with demo versions of “Heart in Your Hands” and “Those Eyes.”

Overall, We’ll Be Just Fine shows a lot of promise for Post War Dream. It will be interesting to see how their songwriting and stage show develop as they continue making music.

If you’d like to go to the record release party, buy tickets here.

You can also stream We’ll Be Just Fine below.

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