Why Aren’t You Listening To: The Dawn Drapes

Featured Image Courtesy of Artist Facebook

“Why Aren’t You Listening to” is an irregularly-running series at Rock on Philly, spotlighting artists in Philly and beyond that you should be keeping an eye (and ear) out for! This installment focuses on new Philly transplants The Dawn Drapes.

Why you should be listening: As new residents of Philly, you’ll want to get to know this band before the rest of the city catches on to how cool they are. But in addition to the cred you’ll get for knowing this smooth trio, you’ll find it easy to sway and sing-along with the group’s mellow harmonies and catching songs. Before you know it, you’ll know all the words to everything on late-2015 release Let’s Be Strangers by heart, so that you can request your favorites at the band’s new first-Wednesday residency happening at Bourbon and Branch.

Sounds like: The grown up version of the quiet boys you never-really-knew-but-always-kinda-liked in high school.

Listen to: “I Want You”, a dreamy, sexy tune perfect for summer evening patio parties or for a lazy morning spent cuddling in bed.

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