Tegan and Sara Drove Philly Wild

All photos by Wakana Narisako


Tegan and Sara brought their Canadian charm back to Philly last Thursday night for their Love You to Death tour. The lights went down and “I’m So Excited” by Le Tigre played on as the lights begin to flash and stir up the crowd. The band made their way onto the stage, followed by Tegan and Sara who strutted on all smiles. The fans were as young as 4 years old and the environment was warm and ready for fun.


Their 2007 hit “Back In Your Head” was up first. As soon as the keyboard intro for the song started up, the song was a giveaway as the fans cheered all around. The pair stood out on stage with a stark white background, as Tegan sported a white jacket with colorful details while Sara wore a black leather riding jacket. “I Couldn’t Be Your Friend” from their 2013 album Heartthrob was exciting as they moved about the tiered stage.


“Faint of Heart” was the first track off their latest album Love You to Death for the night. The younger crowd seemed to know this track more as high pitched shrieks were heard. In the middle of a banter Tegan spotted fans with stuffed animals raised in the air. The fans with very impressive aim tossed a giraffe and cat stuffed animal onto the stage for the twins to hang out with on stage. Tegan talked about their first gig in Philly down Girard at The Fire 14 years ago fondly as she held the giraffe.


The Con” was performed during the middle of their set when they played many of their older songs, like “Alligator” and “Northshore,” with many banter in between. No moment was wasted without an anecdote or a pun. Tegan and Sara are very vocal about their beliefs and this time was no different. With the election right around the corner, they urged everyone to vote. While some artists are weary about being involved in politics, they did not hold back their dislike for Trump. Their night in Philly ended on a high note as they fully engaged the audience into a conversation and a dance party.


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