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LVL UP is a band that seems to be on everyone’s radar, especially since recently signing to Sub Pop records and releasing Return to Love, their newest record in September. Now currently on tour with Cloud Nothings, it seems like the Brooklyn band just keeps growing – along with their crowd sizes! I was lucky enough to chat with them before their set at Union Transfer last night, and if you missed their set or want to relive it you could check out the gallery below the interview. I highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t heard of them yet, I guarantee you’ll have a new favorite band.

Rock On Philly: I read your interview with The Fader when it came out where you talked about either getting signed to a bigger label or breaking up.  It seems like the universe is in your favor because then you got signed to Sub Pop, which was one of your top choices. How did you feel after getting signed?

LVL UP: It was more about finding ourselves in a position where we had to consider how longevity would effect the project. To us, growing and moving forward from DDW* would help to ensure emotional and financial longevity for the four of us. I really doubt that we would have stopped playing then and there if a deal didn’t come in, but it was a huge boost to morale and gave us a really helpful motivation forward. Signing was scary and exciting but meeting the staff at Sub Pop, people we now consider our friends, proved to us that we were in good company. They’ve been extremely helpful and supportive.

* Double Double Whammy is a record label founded by Dave Benton and Mike Caridi of LVL UP.

ROP: You’re about to start tour with Cloud Nothings, are you excited? Are there any dates on the tour that you’re looking forward to?

LU: We’re in the midst of that Cloud Nothings trip right now! It’s going great, they’re really nice guys and the shows have all been really positive and well attended. I’m really looking forward to the Webster Hall show, we have a lot of friends and family that will be attending.

ROP: You’re also headed to the UK and Europe to play for the first time which consists of 9 different countries this Spring.  Are you excited?

LU: Of course! It’s our first time in Europe as a band and we’re feeling nervous but really excited to see what it’s like playing over there. I’m very curious to see if we can win over some new fans.

ROP: It seems like you’ve been touring pretty constantly for a while, is there anything you’ve learned on tour that makes the experience more sustainable?

LU: I think it’s really important to take the time to focus on your mental and physical health. The schedule is really fun and adventurous but can also be very repetitive. You can get wrapped up in eating a lot of the same bad foods, and sitting in the car crammed together and it can start to make you not feel so good. We try to eat as diverse of a menus of foods as we can. We also try to take as much time to ourselves as we can, while also trying to remember to do fun things as a group. It’s nice having friends peppered across the country that we can meet up with. It’s a nice way to change up the group dynamic a little and surround yourself with different people. For me, stretching is very crucial after 8 hours in the car.

ROP: Philly is a regular place for you to play, is there any show that sticks out as a favorite/ most memorable? 

LU: We’ve played really good Golden Tea House shows, also a really good show at The Church with Girlpool, Marge, and Free Cake [For Every Creature].

ROP: Do you have any favorite places to go when you’re in Philly?

LU: For breakfast we like Morning Glory Diner, and for dinner we like Loco Pez and Satellite Cafe! Also love The Bar(n) for drinks.

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