Drew Nugent Takes Us Back in Time at Fringe Arts

It was as if Columbus Boulevard was in another space and time Friday evening as Le Peg Brassiere at Fringe Arts hosted the release party of Drew Nugent’s latest album, “I’ll Never Be the Same”. With a packed house and bustling bar, Nugent put on a jiving show for his faithful supporters and fans.

Referred to as “The count of count” and “The torrential torrent of timing”, Mr. Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society kicked the night off by “teasing” the crowd with more well-known tracks, before taking off with original content.

Amidst the ambient blue light from the Ben Franklin Bridge shining upon the stage, a Tanqueray martini rests at the brim of the piano that Nugent tinkers with to accompany the vibrant brass ensemble, offering a timeless tribute to modern jazz.

Nugent admits that “I’ll Never Be the Same” has been the most labor intensive album he has yet to work on, but also the most fun production process to be a part of. Nugent acknowledges the loyal support from his producer, Peter Evans, who accompanied the band on vocals for a number of songs throughout the evening.

“Music is this visceral connection to people, and I think this album is as refreshing as tasting Dr. Pepper for the very first time”, remarks Evans as he takes the stage to lend kudos to those who have helped throughout the writing and production process for the past two years.

Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society performed a hearty two hour set, highlighting features from his personal discography and classic favorites. “Sunny Side of the Street” is requested by a member of the audience and Nugent nods with little hesitation as he counts his band in to the song. The clarinet leads into a streamline of trumpet blasts as a couple spins and dances in the foreground of the stage.

“I’ll Never Be the Same” is now available for purchase here

Check out our images from Friday’s show below!

Photos Courtesy of Brittany Salerno.

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