Album Review: Phoenix- “Bankrupt!”

Reverberating sonically for over a decade, electro pop quartet
Phoenix embraced listeners this past April with their new album, Bankrupt!
(Glassnote). The Parisian indie- pop quartet elicits continued musical progression
with rare and incredibly captivating vocal expressions.

Phoenix – Bankrupt w/ 71 Sketches from the Bankrupt sessions sold for
$16.98. Amazon lists the original 10-track album for around $10 dollars. If you
get the record in PA, be prepared to pay $2.02 state sales tax. And you should
get a Phoenix poster too while you’re at it. Make that poster a permanent resident in
your parent’s garage.

Okay, Bankrupt! rivals Phoenix’s 2009 magnum opus, Wolfgang Amadeus
Phoenix (also on Glassnote). But don’t go back in time just yet! No, I’m joking.
Anyway, get the new one, plug it in and dream French dreams. Believe me,
everything will work out for the better. Vocalist Thomas Mars is still happily
married to American film legend Sofia Coppola. They are both intensely man and
woman. Sofia Coppola, one of my all-time favorite, female directors is freaking
loaded. Here again is your magnum opus. Public notoriety is on point with other
people doing your laundry. There I said it. Naturally, married people rival one
another. Example…

The first track, titled “Entertainment,” conducts a soulful Chinese melody
through the blazing path of a renegade’s vocal. Very much like a stitch in time,
the synthetics on this track are wickedly inorganic, compressing outwardly in a
slow, grinding, “Well, un-smash them” state of lucid affairs. Uplifting. Enjoy!
Still a far cry from Metallica’s Garage Days Re-Revisited, these indie rock
headliners blend super clean chord changes over some radiant synth and drums.
The 71 or so sketches from the Bankrupt! sessions CD (who’s counting?)
sound like Ratatat on a really good day. Still, independent artists live out their
better days in a void. This goes to show you don’t grow up in the Parisian
suburbs of Versailles and become a world class indie band just to headline Jay-
Z’s Made in America 2013. You can spend your days sipping Bordeaux and
going record shopping.

Bankrupt! is like joy, amassed in something we all share. True,
no one should ever be deprived of his or her local music scene. What we need
is more of the stuff we love, so we can make it all on our own. This is nothing
short of a new reality where people can hide the fact they are smiling. Thank
you Phoenix, for your music. Bankrupt! is a completely mellow,
 polyphonic wave
of syncopated ear candy. Good work!

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