Philly Band on the Rise: Maitland

In anticipation of their soon-to-come full-length album, Maitland’s EP, From a Cabin in the Woods, brings a serene calm to a busy city. From the fresh sound of falling rain introducing their first track, “Embers” to the sound of singing birds in their final track, “Sleepyhead”, Maitland’s EP is a portal into the natural world.

Maitland’s beautiful folk sound and simplistic natural lyrics bring the album to life. In the midst of giving a voice to the open wilderness, Josh Hines and Jeff Mach expose the struggle every man has with his own wilderness within. Hines’ entrancing vocals are consistently breathtaking throughout the whole EP. With the harmonious combination of this memorizing voice, comparable to Bon Iver, and Mach’s unique drumbeats, similar to The Local Natives, Maitland succeeds in creating an overwhelming aroma of peace throughout the whole album.

The album’s tale of self-discovery and becoming is irresistibly inspirational. Their talent is undeniable. Hines and Mach blend their talents perfectly in this picturesque EP, From a Cabin in the Woods. Well done, Maitland. Well done!

Hines and Mach, both Philadelphia locals, are a duo to watch out for in the upcoming future. On the rise, their band Maitland will be playing shows in the Philadelphia area. Be sure to check them out!

Check out Maitland’s website and be sure to look out for the full- length album, said to be coming out this upcoming month!


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