The Silent Signals – An eMotion Picture

Underprivileged kids try new things from time to time. Hey, some English rock band will serve them with a warrant if they don’t! For that reason, Brit fallout was of rare import in the decade known as the 1980s. Notably, Peter Gabriel was of massive influence then. His hit single, “Games Without Frontier”,s embodied some pretty hard-felt emotions for the era. For me, the song inspired me to grow old and work for International Business Machines. (Operated an IBM mainframe in early 2k.)

Which brings me to the conversation Silent Signals vocalist, Michael Greto, and I had for the Rock on Philly blog.

Michael Greto is a Peter Gabriel fan. As a performer, Peter Gabriel captivated audiences in the 80’s with an awesome stage presence. He rocked the upright bass. He rocked a synthesized sound system for a cool million music television viewers. He inspired The Silent Signals band members to play live music. He helped people rock.

Needless to say, Peter Gabriel performed this seamless blend of synth and organic music in front of live audiences. And like Peter Gabriel, The Silent Signals went on to change the way people see and hear music. (They have been around Philly for like a decade or something!!) As a devoted Rock on Philly Writer/Blogger, I would like them to continue to make music.

The Silent Signals have an 80’s feel to their musical expression. If the vocal harmonies don’t give it away, the blended synth and guitar, characteristic of that oh-so familiar 80’s sound, will definitely ring some bells. This is Peter Gabriel fandom for Philly people. Things could not get any crazier. I mean, they could.

An eMotion Picture conjures an immensely vivid soundscape. The experience survives a world of dreams. A clearer sense of adventure could possibly stem from childhood. Life is, after all, an awkward game to play. For those of us living out their days in a dream, an eMotion Picture captures some of those truly magical moments. The obvious result is a humorous rock opera with a happy ending. Give it whirl and get well soon.

Keep an eye out for “Caught in the Current”, the debut single from The Silent Signals, out next month. And don’t forget to give An eMotion Picture a listen.


Available now on Amazon and iTunes.


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