Album Review: Queens Of The Stone Age …Like Clockwork

Turning stale bones from drippy chicken take-out to the burgundy smear coloring your face and lips, Queens Of The Stone Age go tit for tat with some glaring blemishes on yet another long awaited album throwdown titled …Like Clockwork.

Labeled for human consumption June 4th 2013 on Matador Records …Like Clockwork comes fully loaded with an array of high-tech, alien band members. Michael Shuman, Troy Van Leeuwen, Mark Lanegan, Jake Shears, Dean Fertita, Joey Castillo, Alex Turner, Nick Oliveri, Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl, and Joshua Homme command a radioactive stockpile of nuclear exfoliant for the rock your face off apocalypse. Stare unblinking into the dawn of artist boneface and animator Liam Brazier’s promotional video for what is now the sixth album in QOTSA’s repertoire.

Frontman Josh Homme labors in excess over a deeply instrumented event horizon. His death defying falsetto sprawls like a casualty in a heavily saturated texture. On “Keep Your Eyes Peeled” the word friend is shot from a bow and finishes with a glancing blow on the strings of a violin. “If I Had A Tail” strums with impeccable timing a personal best reflected on the surface of a collection plate. “My God Is The Sun” expresses tight intervals of praise to stain the heavens. “Kalopsia” exquisites rare grace on piano portraying a destination far from here.

Special guest Sir Elton John worked on …Like Clockwork before giving the composition total consciousness. His influence will forever remain a mystery. On “I Appear Missing”, heightened vulnerability composes the polyphony listener’s hear…

Massively tuned for consumptive indulgence …Like Clockwork will be the album you went crazy for. A Queen is what you can be, what a pig can be, and between the two there is feverish jealousy. Queens Of The Stone Age filtrate the wild grains for what is spread atop forests spreads like fire in the veins of the Queen. This album connects piecemeal artifacts to pure exhilaration. None shall pass.



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