Album Review- Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa: Seesaw

Performing studio-quality rock, rhythm and blues, Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa tune their efforts with a collection of favorites from the likes of Billie Holiday, Melody Gardot and Etta James. Vocalist Beth Hart surges in electrostatic intensity on this blues-inspired musical masterpiece. Her completely original reworking of legendary jazz vocalists is the perfect primer for singers and music fans alike.

Seesaw (J&R Adventures) kicks with a helpless vulnerability only a partner could love. Hart and Bonamassa make electropositive, impressive guitar accompaniment powered by Bonamassa himself.With Producer Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, Joe Bonamassa) engineering the recording of more than a couple live instrumentalists, this album’s potential for mayhem will put the kids straight to bed for a relaxed evening of the rocking blues. Almost as if to bring a smile to your face, the album’s first track, “Them There Eyes” rocks for two. Emerging a true jazz sensation, this well-known Billie Holiday cover swings to and fro for a long awaited musical embrace. Beautifully conceived for the purpose of a delicate romance, Seesaw perfects the listener with a careful expression of togetherness. On “If I Tell You I Love You“, Hart embodies the listener’s own contemplative desire with a crooning Melody Gardot cover. Call her a linchpin; contemporary Jazz Musician and Philly local, Melody Gardot makes for rare company on an album honoring so many well-known artists. Seesaw goes on to progress with notable symmetry, a pivotal respect for my favorite piece of playground equipment. The album ends abruptly, but not before an exchange of equivocal and unrestrained civil liberties in a retelling of the famed Billie Holiday protest song, “Strange Fruit”.

This groundbreaking composition affirms anxious reciprocity in a wild world. Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart, truly awesome. The power of musical accompaniment evolves only out of love and respect for our environment and the people we plan our lives with. Good Work! Listen!

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