Cyndi Lauper: Now A Broadway Success

At the 67th Tony Awards held in Radio City Music Hall on June 9th, Kinky Boots claimed the prize of Best Musical. The person behind the music of this colorful show with a shocking name: Cyndi Lauper.


When Lauper set foot upon the red carpet Sunday evening, she transmitted elegance in a black lace pant suit with a cape complete with her signature sassy hairdo, this time in blood red. She brought fierceness and sophistication and stood out in the night filled with Broadway’s best.


Cyndi Lauper personally influenced the music scene of Philadelphia too. The Hooters, a Philadelphia based band, shared producers with Lauper early in her career. This led Rob Hyman of The Hooters to collaborate and co-wrote “Time After Time” as a bonus track on her album She’s So Unusual in 1983. Since then, they have collaborated with Lauper on occasion. The Hooters have made a name for themselves, and have recently been honored at the Pennsylvania State Capitol.


There’s no question that Cyndi Lauper is an incredible artist. As one of the most influential female musicians of the 80’s, she was continuously breaking boundaries with her bold fashion and a unique voice to support her big range. She graced the stage with her performance of “True Colors” during the memoriam. I have always thought of her as a fun, badass artist but I felt a deep respect for her during her acceptance speech when she was very gracious and appreciative of the work of the performers and producers.


Check out the video:



Cyndi Lauper, I bow down to you. Jazz hands and all.

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