Album Review: Little Boots- Nocturnes

Dreamy nights with bodies pressed together in pulsing clubs, music that infects every person with its contagious beats… with an album titled Nocturnes, the expectations are huge. Victoria Hesketh, a native English woman, among many in the electro pop era of the 2000’s, proves herself queen with this made-for-the-night album. Filling the airwaves with a perfect mix of 90’s house beats and futuristic electric tones, Little Boots’ new album proves there is more where this came from. Following her last album, Hands, which was taken very well by the UK, topping the charts and leaving fans wanting more, Nocturnes brings even more beats to listeners. With her soprano pop-vocals, comparable to early Madonna, and the overall passionate energy of her production, Little Boots claims her territory in the electro pop world.


The album begins with “Motorway”, a catchy song beginning slow with anticipation and ending with dancing satisfaction. Hesketh uses her voice as a smooth instrument to blend together with the synth, creating a universe of dance club beats. With the songs “Broken Record”, “Beat Beat”, and, “Every Night I Say A Prayer”, Hesketh keeps the high-energy flowing. In the song “Shake”, Hesketh commands everybody to “Shake ‘til your heart breaks”, making it impossible to not dance to the beat.


Although most of the tracks on this album are perfect for the nightlife, a few tracks fly away from the sounds Hesketh seems most comfortable with. The tracks “Crescendo”, “Strangers”, and “All for You”, drift from the vulnerable club beats in her prior songs to more emotion filled singing centered around melodies and vocals, rather than the albums upbeat sounds. These songs seem unnatural and uncomfortable, different then the album as a whole.


Luckily Little Boots saves the album with the final song, “Satellite”, a perfect blend of her dreamy emotion filled vocals and the great dance club beats that make the album really rock. Hesketh’s album fulfills expectations and by the end you will want to listen again.


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