Mumblr Rocks the Philly Music Scene with Their Newest Release “Nutter”

Guitarist/lead vocalist/frontman Nick Morrison is not new to the music scene. Before creating his new music project Mumblr, Morrison played in the popular punk-rock band Stinky Smelly. Storming the Philly underground scene, Stinky Smelly made a name for themselves performing at various house venues in the North Philadelphia area. Their light-hearted, high-energy concerts were always a highlight.


After drummer Jackson Lucas graduated and moved for work related reasons, Morrison formed his new band, Mumblr. Their 2012 debut album, White Jesus, earned them shows all over Philly including venues like The Raven Lounge and Kung Fu Necktie. The album’s shredding rifts, bouncy breakdowns, and incredible transitions proved this four-piece group was here to stay.


Their newest release, Nutter, takes a completely new and unconventional approach, transforming into a fuzz-punk band with distorted guitar, pounding drums, and a commanding bass. Although their style has change, the originality has not. The songs are well organized and the band as a whole is very tight. This time around Mumblr also shortened the track lengths. Even though only one song is over two minutes, they manage to cram in all of their intensity.


Nutter, named after current Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, begins with “Good Cop, Dad Cop”. Its humorous title translates into a charismatic rift that will leave the listener head banging until the song’s conclusion. “Space God”, the last track and my personal favorite, delivers the same energy as the hard rock beats of “Cats” and “Yo, Nobody Gives a Feel”, but also adds a good complexity by varying between hard rock and soft rock. Overall the album is well written and well executed. It really achieves its purpose and sets a standard for rock bands across the Philadelphia area. Make sure to check out Mumblr’s new album and support this local artist at upcoming shows.

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