Rogue Wave Hits the East Coast at Union Transfer

June 18th, 2013 – Union Transfer

If you didn’t have $300 to spend on Rolling Stones tickets on Tuesday night, Union Transfer provided rockers a show just as energetic and joyous to watch for less than $20. During the less than desirable weather, plenty of people showed up to support the three bands: Fossil Collective, The Boxer Rebellion, and Rogue Wave.


Fossil Collective, usually a five-man band from England, toured with 3 members and mostly acoustic instruments for their first US tour. They provided a very soothing sound that was perfect for the rainy night. They were also very responsive to the fans.  Check out their songs online; you can get 4 free tracks from Fossil Collective by visiting


The Boxer Rebellion, also formed in England, showcased new songs from their most recent album Promises. The band has been featured on multiple TV shows and film. They got the crowd excited with their fast tunes and were a perfect energetic segue into Rogue Wave’s performance. Here’s a video of them performing on Jay Leno.


Here I needed to make a shout out to the Union Transfer’s lighting guys. The lights completely matched the songs’ moods and tempos, and stimulated the audience so much more.


Rogue Wave kept the energy going with songs from their new album Nightingale Floors and older favorites such as “California” and “College”.  Lead singer Zach Rogue sounded amazing and interacted with the audience like old friends. They have been around over 10 years and their songs have been used in multiple TV shows and movies. Their fans absolutely went crazy for them and I was sucked into musical bliss with them.

Watch a great video of Zach Rogue performing “California” from the night.


I went to the show knowing only two of their songs. I came out of the show reluctant to leave but super psyched to go home and listen to more of their work online. The next time they come to Philly, I will most definitely be going back to see them.

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