Show Review: The Wild Rompit Gallery

Lancaster Avenue is currently experiencing revitalization, helped largely in part by a handful of new art galleries opening up along the avenue in West Philadelphia. These spaces are malleable, and can be used for various types of events. One such space is Art on the Avenue, located at 3808 Lancaster Ave.


On Thursday, May 23rd, 2013, Art on the Avenue housed a vibrant gallery and live music event- “The Wild Rompit Gallery.” Alex Christie, a Drexel University student in the Entertainment and Arts Management program, curated the evening as her Senior Project.


Wild Rompit, a Philadelphia based indie rock band, have been writing and recording a new album titled Spirit Moves. Due out at the end of the summer, “The Wild Rompit Gallery” served as the album’s pre- release event.


In March, the band gave the lyrics and available demos of the songs for Spirit Moves to 10 local artists. Participating artists included friends of the band, Alex Christie, band mate Paul Impellizeri, and a few other local artists.  The artists interpreted one of the tracks in their own medium, and created a work to be displayed at the gallery. The finished pieces included photography, canvas paintings, collages, and video projection.


Each piece was displayed around of the gallery with the lyrics of the appropriate song on the wall next to the work. The artwork also had telephones attached to the wall underneath them, which played the corresponding track on loop when held to the listener’s ear.


The evening concluded with a live performance by Wild Rompit, showcasing a combination of new tracks from Spirit Moves, previously released works, and the occasional cover song. The band put on a great live show and engaged the crowd. A particular highlight was their perfectly blended three-part harmonies atop coarse guitar riffs and driving drums.


Alex Christie said about the project, “I wanted to incorporate art and music, they’re my two favorite things. I also wanted the listener to form their own interpretation by hearing the song while seeing the art, that way you weren’t just seeing the band’s perspective.”


Art on the Ave was packed with attendees, all of which were highly receptive to the immersive art space. The evening was a fantastic showcase of many different Philadelphia artists.


You can give Wild Rompit a listen at their website and even see them for yourself in their upcoming show at The Fire on 6/29. Tickets for the event can be found here.

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