The Brodi Valos Band Rock Philadelphia!

I had the royal opportunity to sit down with the Brodi Valos Band a couple of weeks ago after watching them perform live at Walsh’s Tavern.  The stage dynamic of these four men is incredible.  They are  from Northeast Philadelphia and they rock!

Brodi Valos is:

Brodi (Brad) Valos: Vocals

Skip Brandes: Bass Guitar

Rick Rubinson: Rhythm Guitar

Dan Mazz: Drums

How did everyone meet? Down the lines. Mazz: Brad and I have been friends since I was 16. We met when Brad was playing hair metal and I was playing Slayer… Brad wanted to form a band, but I got involved with another band.  Brad asked me again.  We then introduced Skip and Rick into the mix and the meshing has gone well since.

Do you have a CD out?  Not yet, but we’re working on it.  We have videos on You Tube.

Mazz, how long have you been playing drums?  My first show was 12/2/88 with a band named Nemesis.  I haven’t stopped playing since.

I played trumpet from 8th grade through high school.  I then played guitar for a while, got bored with it and my mom got him a drum kit.  Older dudes would come over and play metal music and I would watch them.  First song I ever played in entirety was “Louie, Louie.”

Brad lets me do what I want.  “You don’t want to be a metal drummer in a country band.  You want to be a good drummer in a country band.”

I wanted to be like the drummer in Faith of Fear back in the ‘80’s.

Who were some of the band’s influences?

Rick Rubinson: all the hair bands.

Brad: Chuck Berry, Scared Reich, Metal Church, Savatage, ‘Empire Rock Club.’

Mazz: The local drummer from Faith or Fear is my biggest influence.

What is the story behind “Fast Into Nothing?”

Brad: Being in a toxic relationship, but you continue to stick around.

What’s your favorite song to play live?

“Walking by the River” and “America,” which wasn’t written for 9/11, but the lyrics touch on that.  America is bullshit, we’re all about football and status while we’re being stripped of our rights. Seems every day the song gets more real.

“Thunder” is about the female orgasm.

“Simple Man” is our favorite cover song to play live.

Who are some of your non-musical influences?

Rap (a collective laugh), William S. Bose, nature, camping.

When you guys are together, what is a moment you all crack up about?

All the psyhco-ex stories.

Brad: that whole thing has been the alien on my face.  I can’t see beyond it and they can.

Rick: Brad was worse than anyone ever dealing with his ex.

Brad works a $12/he job so he can have the band.

What are the future plans for BVB?

Working on the CD and continue to play gigs and just have fun.

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