Album Review: Black Tusk – Tend No Wounds EP

Track Listing

  1. The Weak and The Wise
  2. Internal/Eternal
  3. Truth Untold
  4. In Days of Woe
  5. A Cold Embrace
  6. Enemy of Reason

Black Tusk hail from Savannah, GA and it shows in their hardcore release Tend No Wounds, which is set to release July 29, 2013 on Relapse Records.  It has that grungy sound of the Sex Pistols meets Sick Of It All, who decide to mosh in a blender together. There is also a tinge of old school Celtic Frost in the vocals, which makes for an aesthetically pleasing listening experience.

Only twenty minutes long, Tend No Wounds is short and to the point. With foreboding bass lines and raunchy guitar riffs, the first track on the EP,  ‘A Cold Embrace” is an instrumental virtual punch in the face.  I liked that the instrumental was in the beginning of the EP, rather than the end.  It shows the musical potential of Black Tusk and the rest of the record keeps up nicely.

This album sounds a lot like Black Tusk’s first release, Set the Dial LP, which is good and bad.  It’s good because they didn’t stray too far from their original sound, and that makes it easy to identify this second release. It’s bad because they didn’t stray too far from their original sound because they may have wanted to play it safe.

Either way, this is a great album to add to the collection of any seasoned or new metal head.


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