Album Review: Cloakroom- Infinity

Comprised of Doyle Martin, Brian Busch, and Robert Merkof, Cloakroom is a very recently put together band from Indiana . Their EP Infinity, released of June 16th, contains 5 tracks with a sound that I describe as a blend of 90’s metal, 20th century avant-garde compositions, and a dash of marijuana. Cloakroom tags their genre as “stoner rock,” which is a very accurate description.


The first track “Sedimentary” starts with a soothing guitar intro with vocals later that echo to make it sound like voice is coming from the end of a tunnel. The sound then melts into clusters of sound that weave the guitar in and out. The title is fitting because the roughness of the guitar and bass bring to mind roughness of the surface of rocks.


“Dream Journal” opens up with guitar playing over an old-time voiceover reminiscent of Judy Garland-era classic American film. The contrast between the old and new makes you feel like you’re between two worlds. The album as a whole is best listened to while closing your eyes and letting yourself be fully immersed in all the sounds. There are many instances overall of instrumental repetition as the song starts and ends, which sound like guys just jamming and figuring out where to go. The indecisiveness and the slowness fit with Cloakroom’s “stoner” theme.


Cloakroom features unique sound heavily involving electronic manipulation for the trancelike whirrs and grungy bass. Hopefully they will put up lyrics to their songs in the future so the vocals do not go unnoticed during the grunge madness. Cloakroom has room to grow into a band with enough power to take over this exclusive genre with more songs to come.

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