Album Review: The Quill – Tiger Blood

The Quill prove Swedish rock is just as awesome as Swedish Death Metal on their newest release Tiger Blood which was produced by Petter Diamant at two separate studios in Sweden.  Released on May 24, 2013 via Metalville Records, this recording is available digitally, on CD, and vinyl.  Yes, vinyl.  How cool is that?

Jam packed with catchy riffs, thumping bass lines and vocals reminiscent of Chris Cornell (Soundgarden; Audioslave) and Sammy Hagar (Van Halen; Chickenfoot), this album will please even the finickiest rocker.

“Go Crazy,” is catchy for sure with a deep groove. Even the worst dancer could shake their hips to the bass lines and drums in this song.  Yes, it is possible to dance to rock ‘n’ roll and this song proves just that.  Absolutely an anthem for the young’uns (and maybe even a handful of old’uns). This song is appealing.

There are also some underlying influences of Government Mule in songs like “Death Valley” which has a blues draped over rock sound.  Usually, songs like this lean more so in one direction or another (rock or blues) but The Quill successfully masters the blues rock sound in this song.

Fans of bands like Clutch, Government Mule, and blues artist Robin Trower will appreciate this album which is available on and iTunes.


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