Rock On Philly Sits Down With The Technicolors’ Brennen Smiley

Hailing from sunny Phoenixville, Arizona, The Technicolors can only be described as modern rock and roll. The crunchy guitar of lead singer Brennen Smiley is backed by the energy of Nico on bass, Mike Fanizza on guitar, and Kevin Prociw on drums. This four-piece group of friends is currently concluding a tour of the country, and will be heading out again soon. Make sure you catch these guys at any venue you can. You will not be disappointed.  


Rock On Philly: How’s your tour going far?

Brennen Smiley: It’s been great so far. We have two shows left and then we’re going to head home.


What has been your favorite show so far?

Personally, my favorite venue was The Black Cat in Washington D.C. It was a smaller room, but it sounded great in there. We had a couple of friends come to see the show so it was an all around good night.


How did your show your at Milkboy Philly go?

We didn’t really know what to think going into it because none of us had ever been to Philly before. The venue was another small one, but we had a great time. It was just your classic rock and roll show.


What’s the story behind the formation of your band?

We’re all from Phoenixville originally and knew each other before starting the band. I had some music that I had written and wanted to play out and started performing some shows, so I gathered a group of friends. I didn’t know it at the time, but that would be the beginning of The Technicolors. After playing a few gigs, we decided to become an official band.


You list artists like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin as your influences. How do rock greats like George Harrison and and Jimmy Page play into your unique style?

A lot of the stuff I really enjoy getting into vocally comes from The Beatles just because there is really nothing like it. I really like the tone that they had when making their songs. They’re considered one of the greatest bands for a reason. Bands like Zeppelin also really embody a great style. Just the way they communicate with each other and the audience is something I can dig as much as the music.


You produced the album “Listener”. Do you feel that doing so allowed you to stick more closely to the sound you wanted?

Yeah. It was interesting because when you don’t have that outside opinion, you’re stuck with what’s ever in your own head. Sometimes it gets kind of tricky not having that other opinion, but it was great to be able to have control. It also helped that we all knew what we wanted to sound like. Since we already had that idea, it was good not to have anyone holding us back. Normally when writing songs, I’ll bring what I have to the guys and they’ll add their parts to it. It was nice not having anything get in the middle of that.


Your father was a producer as well and I’ve read that you were about to play on some of the songs he produced. Has he affected the way to see and compose music?

Yeah he definitely got me to love music and it’s allowed me to continue to play music for a large chunk of my life. I remember going to Nashville in my freshmen year of high school and playing on some of the tracks he was producing. It was a great experience being able to be in that national recording studio scene so young. Once I started writing my own material later on, it really made me love it.


What does your band plan on doing after your current tour is over?

We’ve already booked another tour so we have about three weeks off then we’ll head down south. We’re always writing new songs along the way so hopefully we can start playing them out a little bit as well.


You can keep up to date with The Technicolors shows and releases by following them on Facebook or Twitter.






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