Rock on Philly’s Summer Wedding Playlist 2013

It’s that time of year again when you see at least 3 couples a weekend posing for wedding photos in Center City in the middle of Broad Street or at Love Park.  Here are some of my top choices for wedding songs to play at a wedding.

Chicago- “Colour My World”

Want to serenade your loved one? This one is great if you want to quickly learn piano for the big day. The piano line is pretty straightforward and the song itself isn’t too long.

The Intruders- “When We Get Married”

Why not throw some Philly soul in here, especially one produced by Philadelphia’s own Gamble & Huff. This is perfect for the first dance for a couple who has Philly pride and a guest list including soul lovers.

Aerosmith- “Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”

80’s rock ballad is a must at some point of the wedding. That is all.

Spice Girls- “Wanna Be”

Great song for dancing with your girlfriends. If I could use all Spice Girls songs in my wedding, I would.

Bruno Mars- “Marry You”

I know it’s kind of a trend to propose with this song. I think this one is cute for a nighttime reception too.

Foreigner- “Feels Like the First Time”

This one is fun, but bonus points if it isn’t your first marriage. Just make sure no one is offended.

Tegan and Sara- “Closer”

This recent single is great for a crowd who wants to dance all night.

Daft Punk- “Get Lucky”

Fun, new dance song for a boozy reception.

Colbie Caillat- “I Do”

As a big Colbie Caillat fan, I could pick out tons of her other songs appropriate for a wedding, but this one is perfect. Every couple says these words and I could see this song being played as everyone waves at the couple driving off after the reception.

Good luck to all the newlyweds and soon to be married couples. Keep rockin’


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