VMA Nominee: Imagine Dragons- “Radioactive”

Imagine Dragon’s music video for their single, Radioactive, is one of the most bizarre  videos I have seen… in the best way. After watching just one time you will more than likely restart it and try to understand what just happened, and then once you realize what actually happened, you will probably watch it again. It fits the category in which it was nominated for MTV VMA’s, Best Rock Video, perfectly. Imagine Dragons really hit home with this video.  Although most people read the song as apocalyptic, Dan Reynolds (Band Frontman) said the song is really a song about “empowerment” and “having an awakening”. This music video makes you view things very differently, that is for sure. The scene is set in autumn; it begins as a mystery with a woman wondering out in the woods… heading towards a barn. Once inside the barn, you see scenes of people smoking cigars and throwing money. The bizarre aspect comes when you find they are watching Muppet-like creatures fight each other in an arena. This video is hands down epic, and for a Rock Video, it would fulfill any rockers vision. Not to mention the fact that Lou Diamond Phillips stars in the video!

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