Album Revew: Washed Out – Paracosm

Four years ago, Washed Out released the song that would define the genre of chillwave,Feel It All Around.” Described by Jon Pareles of the New York Times as, “…memories of electropop from the 1980s, with bouncing, blipping dance-music hooks (and often weaker lead voices)…” Washed Out put their mark on the chillwave map. Ernest Greene, the man behind this musical project, has just released his second full–length album, and it reinforces his musical innovation.

Paracosm, released on Sub Pop Records, is a vast development upon Washed Out’s previous release, Within And Without, which had been described by Greene as “monochromatic”. Abandoning the glossy and polished sounds of his first LP, Greene took a more technicolor approach for Paracosm, proclaiming it as “daytime psychedelia”.

Produced by Ben H. Allen, the team incorporated a live rhythm section that does not appear on Washed Out’s earlier recordings, adding a punching texture to the album’s aesthetic.

Opening with the ambient sounds of chirping birds, “Entrance” bleeds into “It All Feels Right,” which sounds like a lazy afternoon laying in the grass in late June. Echoing vocals and looping melodic lines of the synthesizer blend seamlessly together into the atmospheric sound. Coming full circle, the overall feel and title of the opening track allude to Washed Out’s debut single.

Paracosm is elating and simultaneously soothing, you should definitely give it a listen.


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