Album Review: Gogol Bordello- Pura Vida Conspiracy

The music created by Gogol Bordello is the perfect blend of rock and gypsy sound. Their sixth studio album, Pura Vida Conspiracy, came out in July with ATO Records and it’s a lot of fun. It makes you want to grab a tambourine and dance under the starlight. Lead vocal Eugene Hütz really hits the spot when it comes to quirky, fun gypsy melody. His combination of singing and shouting actually sounds like a party around a campfire. With band members from all across the world, Gogol Bordello has a unique sound, employing lots and lots of accordion and free-spirited violin solos. They recently performed in Philly at the TLA as a post-show performance during the XPoNential Music Festival held at the end of July.

“We Rise Again” kicks off the album by transporting your mind into a place where everyone is down to party and dance on their feet. The song starts off with chanting and then goes on to become an upbeat rock melody. The opening track is symbolic of their return since their fifth album released four years ago.

“The Other Side of Rainbow” is the anthem of positivity. “Amen” is a love song about two people who are just meant to be together, no matter how many times they separate. “I Just Realized” is about being aware of one’s attraction to a person which becomes an obsession that they cannot get rid of. The lyrics are very easy to connect to, even with other languages like Italian and Russian incorporated throughout. These languages add ethnic flare.

Gogol Bordello has been in existence since 1999 and you are missing out on good party music if you haven’t listened to them. Pura Vida Conspiracy still makes me jump around as much as Gogol Bordello’s earlier albums.. you should really check them out.

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