Album Review: Powerwolf – Preachers of the Night

  1. Amen & Attack
  2. Secrets Of The Sacristy
  3. Colenus Sanctus
  4. Sacred & Wild
  5. Kreuzfeuer
  6. Cardinal Sin
  7. In The Name Of God (Deus Vult)
  8. Nochnoi Dozor
  9. Lust For Blood
  10. Extatum Et Oratum
  11. Last Of The Living Dead

Powerwolf’s latest release, Preachers of the Night entered the official German Album Charts at Number One as well as making album of the month in Metal Hammer Germany. The album art is somewhat trite, but melds with the overall impression of the album.  I mean, how could there not be an evil, crown wearing, cross-wielding wolf on the front of this album? Corny or not, there is and it works.

Preachers of the Night is everything a power metal freak could ever dream. There is chanting, echoic choruses and extremely fast guitars and drums… instruments so fast you might feel like you are in a musical vortex.  Since music is used as something to get out of the mundane, day-to-day sometimes succubus of life, this.. is.. awesome.

Track Five, ‘Kreuzfeuer’ starts with an eerie pipe organ, reminiscent of a horror movie scene where the damsel is about to be sucked to the harrowing dark dimension of evil.  The song stays in that precipice with evocative and hollow vocals that shift flawlessly along with the chord changes.

The wrap-up, ‘Last of the Living Dead,’ is remarkable with howling wolves and creepy church bells blanketed under the sound of rainfall that cascades into passionate vocals befitting of a final track.  Albums that end with a killer track are worth adding to any music library. The rest of the album holding its own throughout does not hurt either.

In summary, ‘Preachers of the Night’ is powerful (no pun intended!), catchy and brimming with every aura of power metal you could ask for.

Check Powerwolf out at their website: Powerwolf or their Facebook at: Powerwolf Metal.


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