Album Review: Psychic Teens – COME

Voted Spin Magazine’s album of the week, Psychic Teen’s new record COME, tops the Philly local to be the one album that works. Engineered to perfect their live sound, downward pitch from dark percussive movements overlook surf-psych guitar in perfect shoegaze torsion. Upon entering their trance, Psychic Teens channel psychic energy to produce their own version of pointed social discourse. Not a chip off any old block, this clash of self and other is noisy and heavily polluted. Musically similar to My Bloody Valentine, vocally they possess the death and bitter excess of Joy Division. Psychic Teens seem nice enough though, like most people do when they are on TV. In the video for BUG, they festoon giant roach costumes and play some unmarried bride’s kitchen. Reminds me of the early exterminator commercials from when I was young. This was before cartoon roaches faked their own deaths in advertising. Moving on, RIP sings of new hope in the hereafter. Flat-line dependent mayhem speaks from beyond the grave in an out-of-body music experience. The drums speed-up, manifesting fierce agility, while a resonant layer of hard-hitting guitar dampens a seething vocal. No, this can’t be an accurate depiction of intergenerational torment, how crazy would that be? Check it out and please remember folks, The Psychic Teens Network is online for all your psychic needs.

Available on SRA Records, a digital version of this record will cost $6 dollars. Philly music will thank you!



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  1. Sean

    July 3, 2015 at 6:45 am

    Great work composing Album Review: Psychic Teens – COME – Rock On Philly.

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