Born Cages Plays in Perfect Harmony at Milkboy Philly

On Saturday, August 24th, Milkboy Philly served as an intimate setting for an evening of ardor. The stage is situated upstairs above the bar and restaurant; its a trendy atmosphere in the heart of downtown Philadelphia. On tour from New York City, Born Cages shared the stage with two local acts, providing a high energy show from start to finish.

Metropolis America opened the night with synth-heavy sound, self described as “cold pop”. Their influences of Depeche Mode and New Order are easily recognizable, but their sound is uniquely distinct. Accompanying the band was a display of television screens, displaying snippets of their lyrics, providing even the audience members who weren’t familiar with their music to sing along.

Panic Years took the stage second, keeping the crowd entertained with their boisterous energy and spirited banter. Their indie rock sound, reminiscent of My Morning Jacket and Manchester Orchestra, got the crowd swaying and dancing about the venue.

Finally, Born Cages ended the evening on a high note with an irrepressible set. The band has incredible stage presence and truly commands the crowd. Between their vocal harmonies, flashing LED lights, and awesome guitar solos, Born Cages showed Philadelphia a great time.

Keep an ear out for Born Cages new music releases and upcoming tour dates, they’re sure to be back in town. You can also check out their artist interview from earlier this month.


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