EP Review: Bloc Party – The Nextwave Sessions

Block Party, an English indie rock band composed of lead singer Kele Okereke, lead guitarist Russell Lissack, Gordon Moakes on bass, and Matt Tong on drums, has been releasing energetic songs officially since 2003. Their most successful album to date was Intimacy, released in 2008.

Their latest EP, The Nextwave Sessions, was released August 12th and it contains 5 tracks of varying styles that Bloc Party has touched on in the past. “Ratchet” is a fun track you can definitely dance wildly to. I love the combination of the bass line and Okereke’s playful vocals with his colorful language. “Obscene” is more slow and sensual, apologizing for love gone wrong. You really feel a sense of regret from the minimal guitar movements and lack of heavy beats. “French Exit” has a catchy vocal interplay between Okereke’s high and low vocals. His range is showed off some more in “Montreal” where he croons out lyrics about a dysfunctional home. The EP ends with an optimistic track “Children of the Future” which explains the potential growth of one’s existence. The subdued rock style reminds me slightly of U2 with the vocals of Bloc Party.

Bloc Party fans are probably wallowing in sadness because this is their last product before the unofficially declared hiatus. This EP is a nice way to say a temporary good bye to fans with a mix of styles to remember them by. Hopefully, they get back together to create some more music in the future to finish what they started, because this EP just left me wanting more.



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