In a World Like This Review

The July 30th release of the Backstreet Boy’s latest album, “In a World Like This” correlates with the groups’ 20th anniversary,  kicks off a world tour, sets the stage for an upcoming documentary about the group’s stellar rise to fame in the 90s, and reintroduces Kevin Richardson, the eldest member, after a seven year hiatus from music. Never  one to be idle, the Backstreet Boys, have hit the talk show circuit hard, performing on Jimmy Kimmel, Good Morning America, Graham Norton, etc. They also made a memorable cameo in Seth Rogan’s film “This is the End,” the comedic apocalyptic summer hit. Needless to say the Backstreet Boys, still got it going on. And then there’s the new album.

The group’s 8th album, “In A World Like This,” is a mature departure for the Boys. With a wink and a nod toward their past, the Backstreet Boys attempt a more contemporary, acoustic sound with a focus on their, still impressive, harmonies while maintaining their trademark dance beats. The album’s lyrics tend toward the campy; however, and the vocals, although pleasing, are no where near where they once were.

The Max Martin produced title track sets the tone with its upbeat hook followed by “Permanent Stain” a rousing power ballad. “Madeleine” is sweet and inspiring with heart. “Trust Me” and “Feels Like Home” are radio fodder but catchy. The twelve track album stumbles with “Try” a smoky experimental country track while “One Phone Call” tries too hard.

Love it, hate it, secretly own it- “In A World Like This” may not be toppling album sales any time soon but it’s mellow summer fun with a half smile. Enjoy.

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