Rock On Philly scouts music for “Die Hipster Die” Soundtrack!

Aside from keeping our readers in the know on all the latest news in music, Rock On Philly is also dedicated to creating new opportunities for Philly- area musicians to get their music heard by larger audiences.

We are excited to announce that we have been brought on by the Director of “Die Hipster Die,” a hot new indie film with major distribution interest, to scout music for the film’s soundtrack. We’re seeking music of all styles but especially EDM & Dubstep and artists who are similar to the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Hot Hot Heat, The Black Keys, Grimes, Magnetic Fields, and Heartless Bastards. While there is no payment for placement at this time, the promotional opportunity is a great one. This opportunity is non- exclusive and credit in the film will be given to selected artists.

If you are interested in submitting music for consideration, e-mail with “Die Hipster Die Soundtrack” in the Subject Line. Please e-mail LINKS to songs. Attached files will not be opened.

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