The Hundred Acre Woods And Modern Baseball Release the “Split” EP

Recently the underground music of Philadelphia has been growing at an alarming rate. The bands that once occupied basement shows and small venues have begun to branch out and experience new success. Two notable bands that have made this transition are The Hundred Acre Woods and Modern Baseball. Both originating in the Philadelphia area, these bands have started to tour more frequently and grow their fan base. Modern Baseball has been signed to Run For Cover Records and The Hundred Acre Woods have booked bigger venues like the Brandywine Folk Festival along side their tours. On July 16th the pair released a split EP through Lame-O Records showcasing some their finest work.


The first half of the EP contains two songs by Modern Baseball entitled “240” and “Re-Do”. Modern Baseball maintains a great upbeat feeling and sings about the romance of adolescent life. “240” begins with quick, staccato strumming that blends into a more rhythmic chorus. Supported by multiple backup vocalists, the lead vocalist shines through with a powerful melody that shows all the emotion felt while writing the track. “Re-Do” commences with a melodic piano rift that lays a foundation for harmonies to come. Once the guitar enters the scene, the song really takes off. Perfectly blended instruments and vocals send forth a message of teenage insecurity that everyone can either relate to or remember.


The next two songs off the record belong to The Hundred Acre Woods. This five-piece group incorporates heart-felt acoustic tracks about the toils of life that are mixed with a little edge. Describing themselves as a “rowdy folk” band, Hundred Acre Woods is sure to deliver every time they play. “All That I Love”, the bands first track on the EP, combines two catch guitar rifts with calming drums and an intriguing banjo. The track speaks about the comforts of home and how all these things will pass. As the song progresses the guitar and drums build and grow. “All That I Love” is followed by the very folky song “Left Of The Hill”. The banjo leads this track with a simple, but strong rift that mixes effortlessly with the vocals.


Although the EP is short (about ten minutes long) the quality of all four tracks is amazing. The Hundred Acre Woods and Modern Baseball prove that the bands you start in your teens can really work out and turn into something great. Make sure you check out the “Split” EP and support your local artists.

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