Will Gaga’s ARTPOP Reinforce Her Avante Garde Mission?

Anyone that knows me knows I absolutely adore Mother Monster.  It could be her in-your-face sexuality, fierce fashion sense, or intense love for outcasts, but I particularly love Lady Gaga because of her artistic approach the the Pop genre.  I’m not usually one to associate directly with pop, but Lady Gaga has managed to grab my attention with her blood covered body and outrageous fashion choices.  We’ve seen classic Gaga, Alien Gaga, Metal Gaga, and even Subtle Gaga–but are we ready for ARTPOP Gaga?

I’ll admit it.  Even though I do enjoy the album, Born This Way wasn’t her best attempt.  While the title track itself is a wonderful anthem for the LGBT Community (and freaks in general), a few of the songs fell short, and others were far to reminiscent of musical artists of the past.  Gaga wrote that album while on her ridiculous world tour.  I firmly believe the woman never sleeps.  It’s no surprise that Born This Way didn’t please everyone.  When you work as hard as Gaga does, you’re bound to produce less then stellar work.  Well, Gaga has just released some information about her latest endeavor; ARTPOP.  So, what can we expect–and will it live up to Mother Monster’s iconic status?

In February, Gaga had to cancel the remainder of her Born This Way tour due to hip surgery.  Don’t worry…she still managed to remain fabulous.  Did Gaga just sit back and relax during her recovery time?  Nope!  The glitter covered gears in her brain were still turning, and she completed her next work of musical experimentation; ARTPOP.  Hmmm…a morphine drip induced album?  Sure–sign me up!  Now, the album is produced by DJ White Shadow, who also produced Born This Way.  As I said before, Born This Way wasn’t her strongest album–but I believe this severely needed R & R time is something that Gaga’s creative juices were begging for.

The first interesting thing about ARTPOP has to be the integration of a downloadable app that will accompany the album.  The app will be available on iTunes and Google Play, and you’ll be able to purchase ARTPOP through said app.  Gaga calls the app “a musical and visual engineering system that combines music, art, fashion and technology.”  It’s no surprise that Gaga is integrating technology into her latest release.  She knows the music industry is struggling to survive, and she also knows the importance of technology to her fans.  Heck, Gaga was the queen of twitter.  She knows what she has to do to keep her fans interacting with her, and this app will create an entire social community around the album.

The app will be available on August 19th– the same day the first single, “Applause” is scheduled to hit radio waves.  ARTPOP will drop on September 1st and is going head to head with Katy Perry’s new album Prism. (Cue the inevitable/outrageous fan war.) Gaga is also set to perform “Applause” at the MTV VMAs on August 25th.  I wonder if she’ll show up in a LED light covered hot air balloon.

So besides the integration of an interactive app, what can we expect musically from Gaga?  Well, if this surreal video of Gaga calmly getting her septum pierced is any indication– this album will probably have some bite.  Along with DJ White Shadow, Zedd–a Russian-German electronic music producer–collaborated on several tracks, and has said that Gaga isn’t looking to please top 20 radio.  “Whatever is dope is dope. We do whatever we want, and we don’t have to make a song that’s three minutes and 30 seconds just to fit the radio.” he boasted.

Maybe this will be Gaga’s transformation from Pop icon to experimental musician.  It kind of reminds me of the progression of The Beatles.  The Fab 4 started off holding everyone’s hand, and then became part of the Magical Mystery Tour.  Maybe Gaga will stop telling everyone to “just dance” and start altering our perception of what pop music is supposed to sound like.  I’m excited for this Gaga endeavor, and I will anxiously be waiting for August 19th to arrive.  Yes, I will be downloading the app.  Yes, I will buy the album.  I put my paw up for Mother Monster and hope that she can take that step out of the mundane and into the extraordinary.


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