Album Review: 3rd Degree Moon Burns – Death Hymn Number 9

3rd Degree Moon Burns was released on August 6, 2013.  If you like that gritty, rockabilly bluesy sounding music most times you only see in movies directed by Quentin Tarantino, then Death Hymn Number 9’s new album for you. You like feeling like you’re riding down a dirt road with your very own pin-up girl in the passenger seat (or pin-up guy).

Whether or not there is any truth to the story that this band came about when Marvin Gaye abandoned his backing band is unsure.  If that is true, it makes for one hell of a story and adds to the grittiness of the music on this amazing album.

If you like it like that, you need to pick up “3rd Degree Moon Burns” by Death Hymn Number 9. Every song on this album oozes that ‘tenacious, oh know here comes that boy in the ’57 Chevy my mama warned me about’ sound.  The whole album is less than thirty minutes long, but that does not take away from its sheer power.

There are thirteen tracks on the release, the longest being ‘Swamp Dollars’ which is a little over four minutes long.  This track was a tossup between the imagery of a bar fight scene in a great ‘B’ movie flick and a beat up pick-up truck rambling through the desert with a gang of drunken hoodlums in pursuit.

The shortest track is ‘Honey Pie’ and is so spunky and catchy with all the grainy sound it really feels like there was a time warp and suddenly it is the year 1956.

Great stuff.

Get a preview here.

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