Album Review: Balance And Composure – The Things We Think We’re Missing

Balance and Composure, locals from Doylestown, recently released their second album, The Things We Think We’re Missing, in which the band takes a step forward from their previous album, Separation. As they did on their first album, the band uses grungy layered guitars to give the songs their signature grooving power. Along with singer Jon Simmons’ vocal range that allows him to softly sing ballads and scream the heavier tunes, this band’s sound has progressed substantially.

This album opens with “Parachutes,” a driving song that catches your attention with a punk rock opening and showcases the band’s ability to transition into something mellower so easily. “Lost Your Name” continues this energetic beginning with really powerful drums and great vocals. The next really raw song, the most raging on the album, is “Notice Me.” Especially in regards to vocals, this song is impressive. For ballad tracks, check out “Reflection” and “Tiny Raindrop,” both of which feature clean and emotionally charged vocals, backed by powerful instruments.

Throughout this album, the band touches on multiple subjects that cannot help but make the listener become emotionally invested in the album. Singing about such things as relationships and being stuck in your own thoughts, Balance and Composure not only puts their emotions on the line, but asks the listener to do the same.

The Things We Think We’re Missing was recorded at Studio 4 and produced by Will Yip, who has recently become known for working with bands such as Title Fight, Man Overboard, and Circa Survive. Yip’s skill in production is evident, making songs sound whole and well-rounded. The collaboration between Balance and Composure and Yip certainly molded this record into the grungy yet beautiful piece it is.

You can pick up the new album through No Sleep Records or listen via Spotify. Also check them out playing with Title Fight at Union Transfer on October 12.

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