Album Review: GWAR – Battle Maximus

‘Battle Maximus,’ the thirteenth studio album by GWAR, is set to release September 17th and encompasses everything GWAR has ever been known for.  I could almost see the costume clad icons dancing around in a menacing way in my head as I listened to this album. No, I did not have nightmares, but I feel like I should have. The album is a story in a sense of their battle against the treacherous Mr. Perfect who wants to seize the power of GWAR.

This album is GWAR’s first release since the departure of Flattus Maximus, who was officially retired from the band in 2011.

GWAR fans know their songs are heavy, albeit silly. With catchy riffs and good drums, the lyrics are almost ludicrous.  Okay, they are ludicrous, but hey, that is nothing new for them.  In listening to this release for the last two weeks, it rather grew on me. The intro, aptly titled “Intro,” is an interesting short story with a musical backdrop.  There is, however, a line in the intro “Even death can die.” That seemed silly, but we are talking about GWAR here, so it is not out of their realm.

“Mr. Perfect” is a great tune that begins in a non-musical way; sort of like a scene from a violent play and turns into a very catchy, hard-hitting musical mash-up of angry lyrics, drums and well… this is just an angry song.  Which, makes sense since Mr. Perfect is the bad guy!

Say what you want about their costumes, their names and their lyrics, GWAR kicks ass in all the right ways.  They have the right amount of heavy coupled with a hefty dose of lewdness.  GWAR continues to live up to the name they built for themselves the last thirty years.

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Madness At The Core Of Time
  3. Bloodbath
  4. Nothing Left Alive
  5. They Swallowed The Sun
  6. Torture
  7. Raped At Birth
  8. I, Bonesnapper
  9. Mr. Perfect
  10. Battle Maximus
  11. Triumph The Pig Children
  12. Falling
  13. Fly Now

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