Album Review: Jack Johnson – From Here To Now To You

It’s virtually impossible to find yourself in a bad mood after listening to Jack Johnson’s new album. From Here to Now to You (Brushfire), his sixth album, flows effortlessly from track to track brimming with the mellow, smooth melodies that Johnson is known best for. Recorded in his studio on the North Shore of Oahu (Mango Tree Studio), the acoustic-heavy compilation is his fourth studio album to debut at number one on the Billboard 200, following 2010’s “To The Sea,” 2008’s “Sleep Through The Static,” and 2006’s soundtrack to the film “Curious George.”

From Here To Now To You is all-around easy listening. The music doesn’t get complicated; there isn’t anything heavy or dark. The songs are about the pleasant aspects of life, love, and family. There’s no heartbreak, no sadness, no loss or confusion–topics that Johnson explored on “To The Sea” and “Sleep Through The Static.” From Here To Now To You is full of refreshing, good vibes. The opening track and first single, “I Got You,” is a wispy, whistling tune about the pure contentment of having someone in your life that is a constant source of love. “Tape Deck” is a fun, upbeat track about starting a band that resonates like a parable would, with the importance of pursuing your passions being the overarching lesson learned. Johnson teams up with his good friend Ben Harper, an equally laid-back, talented musician, on “Change,” which pokes fun at how just when you get comfortable, the proverbial pages of the book of life turn and turn, and “the change won’t leave you alone.”

The album is arguably a little one-dimensional, but it’s never repetitive. Above all, the music is soothing. It’s music you don’t have to think about; you can just relax and unwind as you listen to From Here To Now To You. Little by little, track after track, every negative feeling or sad thought you might have had in your head practically evaporates. This is music that genuinely wants nothing more than to make you happy–so don’t think about it too much and let it.



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  1. John Jackson

    September 30, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    I used to not like Jack Johnson but after reading this review I gave him a listen. I found it to be excellent background music to my daily bath, as well as my twice daily mediation. If not for this review, I would have continued bathing and mediating to Ja Rule and, as much as his deep, rough voice both relaxes and loosens my muscles, I find Jack Johnson to be much more encouraging for deep, deep, thought. Thanks!

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