Album Review: John Dutton- “The Last Chance”

In a city such as Philadelphia, filled with talented singer-songwriters, John Dutton is unique. Whether you’ve heard his 2010 release Reasons To Stay, or seen him performing all over town, you know you’re in the presence of a real craftsman, someone who has a great sense of what he’s doing. His capability shows in his latest album, The Last Chance.

The Last Chance reads like a good book about a man at a crossroads in his life. It opens strong with the pop rocking “All These Years”, and introspective “My Time Here”. He keeps you engaged in the middle of the record with a great remake of his 2008 single “Burning.” Dutton satisfies the listener throughout the album with sparse and beautiful songs like, “We’ll Move” and “Darling I Love You So”. John spends an entire album playing to his strengths: his hauntingly beautiful vocals, perfect blend of acoustic and electric guitar tones, and innate pop sensibility.

The thing I like most about this record is the way this collection of songs create a window to the artist’s soul. If you don’t know Dutton personally, you will by the time album is through. My only real problem with this album is that I didn’t write it myself.

John Dutton’s The Last Chance is a perfect example of what every record of this kind should be; no gimmicks, no hype, just beautifully crafted and heartfelt songs played and sung well. From the looks of it, this won’t be your last chance to hear something great from this promising young artist.

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