Arctic Monkeys Hit the Mann Skyline Stage on 9/18

Since seeing British rock band Arctic Monkeys’ performance of “505” on Youtube in high school, I’ve been hooked. Something about lead singer Alex Turner’s voice captivated me. At a time when so much artificial sound is used, Arctic Monkeys sound refreshing with their use of classic rock instruments in their new album AM. When I heard they were coming to Philadelphia, I was ecstatic and bought tickets the day they went on sale.  I’ll be a screaming mess at the concert and don’t care. I love their sound. They performed at the iTunes Festival a couple days ago and they’re still serving up the same rock and roll swagger they had in 2007 when they released my favorite album of theirs, “Favourite Worst Nightmare.” If you want to see a great band, buy tickets, come out and see them on Wednesday September 18th at the Mann Skyline Stage. I’ll be the one jumping and screaming.


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