Artist Interview: Caged Animal’s Vincent Cacchione

I had the opportunity to  interview Vincent Cacchione, the lead singer of Caged Animals, before the band heads off to Montreal for their tour with Darwin Deez. Based in Brooklyn, Caged Animals creates a sound that is a blend of simple folk ballads and electronic music of the present day for a modern sound with relatable messages. Here’s how the interview went:


Rock On Philly: How did you come up with the name “Caged Animals”?

Vincent Cacchione: I came up with the name a couple years before the band got together. I wanted two words with impactful meaning and with various interpretations. I’ve heard a lot of interpretations but I hate the literal the most. That’s around the time I got my computer and started playing around with different free software sounds.


ROP: I listened to your album In the Land of Giants that came out yesterday(September 3rd). Your vocal simplicity kind of reminded me of Bob Dylan.

VC: Bob Dylan is one of the artists I grew up influenced by along with Leonard Cohen and other artists from that time. I take that as a compliment. I like my songs to tell human stories. Since I grew up with folk roots and a lot of guitar strumming, I try to write in a direct and human way.


ROP: Can you tell me a little about your band?

VC: It’s actually pretty awesome. My sister plays bass, my wife plays the keyboards, and my friends Pat and Andrew who I’ve known forever are also in the band. We have this super tight knit and I’m lucky to have them. I have the best possible situation.


ROP: I liked “Cindy + Me” because it’s catchy tune and relatable lyrics. Is Cindy based on a real girl?

VC: Yeah it’s based off a real girl but I don’t know anyone named Cindy. It’s mostly based on the emotional idea of wanting someone to stay with you. I think it’s important that song writers share little stories that make one unique and make it you.


ROP: What do you like to do outside of making music?

VC: When I do have time, I like to read books. I like Raymond Carver. I like watching TV too… like the Sopranos. It’s hard to find time to do things because for the past two years I’ve been working on music nonstop.


Caged Animals is coming to Philadelphia for the 3rd time on the 25th to promote their new album In the Land of Giants now available on iTunes. Come out to their show to see the band for yourself at Johnny Brenda’s. Get your tickets here.

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