Made in America Music Discovery: Haim

Dear Readers,

This past weekend, I attended Budweiser’s Made in America 2013 along with Rock On Philly, my BFF, & Skype. While it’s always fun to check out the headliners later in the evening, like Beyonce, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, & Nine Inch Nails, some of my most memorable festival moments happen earlier in the day, when attendees are less drunk and the bands typically lesser known. Music festivals can be an amazing way to discover new music. For Made in America 2013, my big personal discovery was the band Haim. This dynamite super group is in possession of some serious musicianship, showmanship, band chemistry, personality AND killer songs. And ahem, I use the term, “showmanship,” but this is a band of 3 talented, gorgeous, sisters. All gender labels aside, I’ve never seen any band, boy or girl, rock harder.

Haim is made up of Danielle on Guitar, Este on Bass, and Alana on Keys, although all three girls contribute to vocals and a super badass drum finale, in which they play with the enthusiasm of the Animal while channeling the precision of Neil Peart. Perhaps I’m late to the game with knowing about them but Haim is clearly something special. I’ve included footage of their Made in America performance below. Check them out for yourself! One thing’s certain, you can definitely count on seeing me rocking out at their next Philly show. Lesson of the day? At your next festival, go to ALL the shows, even the earlier ones! You may discover your next favorite band.  🙂

Haim at Made in America 2013
(Click the link to see the performance clip! There’s much more where that came from, but alas, upload limits on WordPress. I’m hoping to hook up an interview with the band soon so stay tuned!)

PS- Actually just found this on YouTube- Haim’s Full Performance at Made in America 2013. Wootwoot! Enjoy my lovelies.

-Jennifer Logue
Founder & Managing Editor
Rock On Philly

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  1. Jennifer Logue

    September 3, 2013 at 10:55 pm

    It took me FOREVER to get that little clip of footage on the site. Ermergerd. But so worth it 🙂

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