Philly Local Artist Spotlight: Cruiser

If you haven’t heard of Cruiser before, you should do yourself a favor and check them out. This Philadelphia based 4-piece has been playing together for less than a year, and are already making a splash on the indie music scene. They’ve released an EP, regionally toured, and have even had a song synced on 90210.


Their sound is reminiscent of hazy days on a beach beneath the summer sun. Lighthearted guitar riffs, ambient vocals, and hard-hitting drums combine in an upbeat indie pop sound that makes you feel good


Cruiser’s first EP was produced by Jeremy Park, who has worked with Youth Lagoon. They are currently in the studio working on new tracks, and if they’re anything like the band’s first release, you’re going to want to check them out.

You can download the debut EP from bandcamp, and follow Cruiser on their Facebook page.

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